Directors, You Want To Really Understand Each Team

You need more than a top-level view of the performance of your engineering teams. You need to understand your processes, and how that relates to your culture.

Athenian helps you discover what each team is working on, and where they need support.

Break Down Silos, Connect Dots, See The Bigger Picture

Engineering is not a linear process. You need to understand how different parts of your organization are connected.

Athenian gives you a holistic view of your software development process, so you can identify issues, and make adjustments to improve efficiency.

Really Reduce Your Lead Time

Granular insights into the stages of the software delivery pipeline, as well as their associated pull requests.

Learn where you are getting bottlenecked, what activities are non-scalable, and whether you're focused on activities that contribute to making your customers and organization happier.

Your Culture Is Your Secret Sauce

Do you have a homogenous engineering team? Are you managing a remote team? How do your teams work together to achieve company goals?

Data-Enabled Engineering helps you create a culture that engineers love, and Athenian helps you take full advantage of it. Athenian is built 100% on the principle of empowering people, and not tracking or monitoring them.

Our Top Metrics For Directors

Decrease Pull Request Cycle Time

by optimizing daily organizational processes related to velocity, such as how code reviews are done.

Optimize Work Distribution

with a better understanding of the quality outcomes of working on new features vs bug fixes vs tech debt.

Solve Bugs In Production faster

by knowing where to invest your time based on the lead times for different priority levels.

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