Join other industry-leading organizations autonomously improving with Athenian.

95% of our users see velocity improvements in the first 3 months.

Decrease in PR cycle time
Increase in release frequency
Decrease in Lead time

Uncover insights

Get full visibility on your org's state
Find bottlenecks and root causes
Identify trends and anticipate issues

Drive improvements

Set goals and start initiatives
Track progress and review goals
Boost your team's velocity

Demonstrate impact

Report on goals
Show positive business impact
Align engineering with business priorities
Igor Kasianov - Head of Platform, Preply

“Athenian gives us the visibility we didn't have before. We instantly saw what we had to improve. We used data to make the best decisions according to our context.”

Igor Kasianov
Head of Platorm, Preply
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Our winning approach to engineering metrics

Richer Insights

End-to-end visibility from ticket creation to deployment in production.


No individual metrics. Because the success of the org is up to the whole team.


Continuous coaching from experienced engineering leaders.

“Athenian allows us to report on the team's impact easily, so we can showcase the impact of the improvements we made. We now have a way of quantifying the work done.”

Luca Palmieri
Principal Engineer, Truelayer
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Luca Palmieri - Principal Engineer, Truelayer

We integrate
with your stack

Travis CI
Travis CI

The best engineering leaders are autonomously improving.

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In partnership with Jason Warner, former CTO @ GitHub. 
Join thousands of other engineering leaders on a journey to more meaningful engineering leadership, as Jason Warner and Eiso Kant chat about the ins and outs of managing software teams at different  stages of your business.
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Align: Autonomous Improvement for Engineering Leaders Has Arrived

Align: Autonomous Improvement for Engineering Leaders Has Arrived

The impact that an amazing engineering leader can have on the team and a company blows my mind every single time. As someone with an engineering background...
Eiso Kant
Mar 28, 2023

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