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Athenian acquired by the Linux Foundation: accelerating the adoption of Data-Enabled Engineering

Eiso Kant & Marcelo Novaes
Eiso Kant & Marcelo Novaes
November 8, 2023
5 min read
We are thrilled to announce that Athenian has a new home and has entered into an agreement to be acquired by the Linux Foundation!

Unveiling the journey behind Athenian & the Linux Foundation – A tale of people, software & data

Athenian has been for years the key trusted partner that makes data-enabled engineering (DEE) a reality, empowering engineering leaders from across the globe to autonomously improve their organizations. Engineering leaders have leveraged Athenian to take their organizations, teams & careers to the next level, driving measurable impact through the power of actionable metrics and insights.

The Linux Foundation is the premier organization dedicated to advancing open-source software and collaborative development in the technology industry. For over two decades, it has championed innovation, collaboration, and the adoption of open-source technologies. The Linux Foundation hosts and enables many of the most critical software projects that span across the entire software ecosystem and power a significant share of the technology in today's world.

The relationship between leadership at Athenian and the Linux Foundation predates Athenian's inception—unsurprisingly, rooted in a mutual passion for software engineering excellence, open-source collaboration, and data-driven impact.

Athenian has worked over the years towards this vision partnering with some of the most advanced engineering organizations today as its customers, resulting in its commercial SaaS data platform. In parallel, the Linux Foundation has partnered with some of the most important & prolific open-source communities to develop its multi-faceted LFX Collaboration Platform and deliver LFX Insights.

We realized how strongly we shared the vision of a world empowered by data-enabled engineering and collaboration, and how the solutions both organizations have delivered under this vision were deeply complementary. We are happy that our paths cross once again years later, resulting in exciting developments we see moving forward, greatly benefiting software engineering leaders, organizations, and communities.

What will Athenian & the Linux Foundation accomplish together – DEE gets faster, stronger & accessible

The partnership between Athenian and the Linux Foundation combines forces to promote a stronger, accelerated & widespread adoption of data-enabled engineering practices in software engineering across organizations globally.

Together, we aim to extend the benefits of data-enabled engineering to a broader and more diverse spectrum of software engineering organizations and leaders, reducing barriers to accelerate adoption. This collaboration enriches the journey toward engineering excellence by assimilating lessons and world-class engineering practices from closed and open-source communities.

Athenian will continue to offer & support its leading commercial SaaS cloud service moving forward. It ensures a turnkey approach to organizations ready to empower their leaders without adding cost & complexity to their IT. Athenian and the Linux Foundation are committed to supporting the engineering leaders that we proudly serve as our trusted customers, and wish to further reward the brilliant people who have been sharing this continued journey of mutual learning and growth.

Furthermore, Athenian software will be open-sourced in 2024 aiming to massively accelerate the adoption of data-enabled engineering and strengthen its platform through collaboration with the community, all underpinned by Linux Foundation's notable leadership in open source. Athenian joins the stellar list of software organizations & projects under the Linux Foundation, including the likes of the Linux kernel, Kubernetes, Node.js, PyTorch, and many, many more.

We are immensely grateful for your trust and support. We welcome you to continue this journey together, improving how we build, as we build!

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