Empower your teams to autonomously improve

Improve what matters and speed up the time to market of your engineering org.

Uncover Insights

Understand your teams' performance and automatically find bottlenecks and root causes.

Drive Improvement

Empower all your teams to autonomously set and track goals based on their context.

Demonstrate Impact

Demonstrate the alignment between engineering initiatives and business impact.

Why choose Athenian?

Richer Insights

Richer Insights

We provide you with full end-to-end visibility that accelerate your improvements from bottleneck detection, to goal setting, to results.
Team Focused


Optimize your team's performance without hurting the developer experience with harmful individual-level metrics.
Success Oriented


From best practices to training, support from Engineering Success, and QBRs, we have everything you need to succeed.
Uncover insights

Unlock actionable insights and identify bottlenecks faster

Get a holistic view of your engineering organization’s performance
Out-of-the-box, customizable, dashboards
End-to-end visibility from ticket creation to deployment by environments
DORA metrics, PR cycle time, code reviews, CI run times, and more
API with a full graph representation of your engineering org and processes
Detect bottlenecks before they impact your team
Automated insights and bottlenecks identification
Slack notifications
Pinpoint the actual root causes of performance issues
Advanced filters by teams, repositories, monorepo components, issue type, or Jira epics
Team and repository comparisons
Drive Improvement

Empower your teams to improve what matters most

Create one home for your team
Dedicated spaces owned by every team
Custom team dashboards
Goals templates
Improve your goals with context and troubleshoot problems instantly
Goal tracking with progress report
Continuous notifications
Leading indicators and associated metrics
Get continuous support along your journey
Dedicated onboarding
Quarterly Business Reviews
1-to-1 coaching from experienced engineering leaders
Demonstrate Impact

Align engineering initiatives with business impact

Measure and quantify your teams’ impact
Organization-wide dashboards
Historical metrics reports
Connect engineering initiatives with business goals
Engineering allocation reports
Tickets resolution reports
Bugs reporting
Improve communication with stakeholders
Shareable dashboards
Goals overview

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Doubled their daily release frequency from 6 to 11x a day

“Athenian was the first tool that triggered questions in the teams. The data challenged team members to understand how they performed and allowed them to discuss how to perform better.”

Fredéric Cerdan - VP of Engineering, Amenitiz
Frédéric Cerdan
VP of Technology, Amenitiz
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