Why our customers choose us

Connecting every stage of your pipeline

Athenian maps your entire engineering organization and processes into the Athenian Insights Graph. It automatically connects Jira, Github, and your CI systems together to provide richer insights into bottlenecks and their underlying root causes.

A developer-friendly approach to engineering metrics

Athenian focuses on empowering teams to autonomously improve and doesn’t provide individual-level metrics. From our experience, measuring individual developers won’t help your teams improve and will ultimately lead to adoption pushback and metrics gamification.

Helping engineering leaders succeed is our nº1 goal

Athenian isn’t just an engineering metrics tool. We combine our product with a continuous improvement framework and an Engineering Success team comprised of experienced engineering leaders to help you succeed.

Alternatives aren’t enough…

Inhouse Solutions

Lack of end-to-end visibility
Lack of granularity (leading indicators, teams or repos)
Includes outliers
No support for monorepos / different release workflows
Can't set and track goals
No guidance from experienced engineering leaders
👉 You can’t answer the right questions. Teams are stuck tracking vanity metrics and can't autonomously improve.

Metrics-focused solutions

Stack-ranking individual developers
Just a catalog of metrics that lack actionability
Complex UI/UX
Poor monorepo and advanced release workflows support
Can't set and track goals
No guidance from experienced engineering leaders
👉 You hurt your developer experience and teams can't autonomously improve.

…but with Athenian

Teams get accurate and actionable engineering metrics.
You’re empowered to uncover insights, drive improvements
and measure your impact autonomously.

All the features you need to autonomously improve

DORA metrics and more

Track DORA metrics, PR cycle time, code reviews, CI run times, and more.

One-click installation

One-click data sync across Github, Jira, and CI tools that automatically matches your org and teams structure.

Full API

Easily access the Athenian API to integrate with your existing tools.

Fits your workflow

Supports all the different release and deployment methods without a change in workflows, tools, or processes required.


Athenian calculates metrics up to the 95th percentile to ensure Outliers don’t affect your insights.

Custom team dashboards

Create custom team dashboards based on the metrics and goals that matter most.

Slack notifications

Get notified about new insights and your goal progress.


Compare metrics by a combination of teams or repositories.

Advanced filters

Filter metrics by teams, repositories, monorepo components, issue type, or Jira epics.

Goal settings

Start from a goal template, set a goal an dtrack your progress over time.

Monorepo support

Athenian provides metrics and visibility for logical components and monorepos.

Dedicated Engineering Success Manager

Continuous guidance and training from experienced engineering leaders.

Shared Slack channels

Dedicated slack channel for fast support and collaboration.

12-months historical data

12-months historical metrics reports to analyze the impact of previous initiatives. 

Shareable dashboards

Easily share dashboards with your team members and stakeholders.
Igor Kasianov - Head of Platform, Preply

“Athenian gives us the visibility we didn't have before. We instantly saw what we had to improve. We used data to make the best decisions according to our context.”

Igor Kasianov
Head of Platorm, Preply

Empower all your teams to autonomously improve

Athenian empowers CTOs, VP of Engineering, or Director of Engineering to easily get an organization-wide view of their teams. Easily identify improvement opportunities and report on your organization's impact.
Dashboard mockup
Athenian enables Engineering Managers and Team Leads to autonomously improve by measuring the metrics and tracking the goals that matter to their context.
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