Our Unique Approach

Understand the end-to-end impact of your engineering org without tracking individual engineers

Loved by Developers

Athenian doesn’t offer individual-level metrics and doesn't stack-rank developers by number of lines of code or pull requests.

A developer-friendly approach that focuses on empowering teams to continuously improve processes and tooling.

Athenian Insights Graph

The Athenian Insights Graph

  • Richer insights: Connect epics and issues from ticket creation to deployment in production
  • No configurations: One-click data sync across Github, Jira, and CI tools that automatically matches your org and teams structure
  • Fits your workflow: Supports all your different release and deployment methods without a change in workflows, tools, or processes required 

Committed to your success

We support our customers with an Engineering Success team comprised of experienced engineering leaders that  work closely with our customers to help them continuously improve with Athenian.

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All the features great teams need

Velocity Insights

Understand how fast you are delivering software and where are your major bottlenecks

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Quality Insights

Dig into the quality of the software you deliver and how you respond to quality issues

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Outcome Insights

Analyze where your investing your efforts across teams, epics, types of work and much more

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CI/CD Metrics

Optimize your CI/CD processes by analyzing your run time, success rates, flakiness and more.

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Onboarding, training & success

Adopt Data-Enabled Engineering with confidence and speed by partnering with our experts.

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Easy to get started

Get started in minutes with out-of-the-box configurations. Fully customizable to match your release workflow.

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Metrics & insights for engineering teams
Athenian Insights