Athenian Pricing

Dedicated Support From Installation to Data-Enablement

Take advantage of us pulling 12 months of historic data, and then having a Data-Enabled Discussion with you around your own data.

Per Active Contributor
Per month
Billed annually

Ideal for small teams and startups looking to get started with engineering metrics

Per Active Contributor
Per month
Billed annually

Comprehensive engineering metrics platform for high growth startups and scaleups


For larger organizations who need additional security, control, and support

14-Day Free Trial
Active Contributors
Developers actively writing code on a weekly basis. This typically does not include leadership, product, design or marketing teams.
< 50
< 250
Historical data
6 months
12 months
Data Sources
1 Org
1 Org
Unlimited orgs
Continuous Integration Data
Athenian integrates with every CI tool integrated with Github checks.
Deployment Data
Use our API to send us deployment data to get end-to-end visibility of your delivery pipeline. Unlock metrics like Deployment Frequency to Staging, or Lead Time to Production.
Self-hosted Github & Jira
Engineering metrics & insights
DORA metrics
End-to-end software delivery insights
Get visibility and insights across the full software delivery lifecycle. From the Coding stage, to Code Review, Merge, the Release and the Deployment stage.
Custom release workflows
Athenian is compatible with every release workflow.
Shareable views
Share dashboards with your teams.
CI insights
Investigate run time, success ratio, flakiness and more in your CI pipeline.
Bugs & issue tracker insights
Issue resolution insights
Monorepos support
Break down your monorepos and get metrics & insights by components, services or folders.
Team comparison view
Compare metrics by teams.
Allocation insights
Engineering efforts allocation by epics, issue types or labels
Full API access
Extract Athenian's data and integrate it in your own systems.
Support & Success
Email & Chat support
Engineering success office hours
Monthly engineering success office hour to help our customers continuously improve with Athenian.
Guided onboarding & basic training
Priority support on Slack
Dedicated engineering success manager
Advanced team and leadership training
Support SLA
Quarterly reports and reviews
Security & compliance
No source code access
Athenian never clones repositories nor stores source code.
Encryption in transit and at rest
All data in transit is encrypted using TLS. All data is stored using AES-256 or better, with encrypted & rotated symmetric keys.
GDPR compliance
SOC2 Type II
Audit log (via API)
Login & Permissions
GitHub SSO
GitHub team import
Github team sync
Advanced RBAC
Team sync via API
SAML, Microsoft Azure AD and OpenID Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

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