Athenian Pricing

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Per Developer /mo
Billed Annually
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Per Developer /mo
Billed Annually
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Number of Engineers
25 to 50
Up to 200
Historical Data
3 months
12 months
Data Sources
1 GitHub org
1 GitHub org
Unlimited Orgs
Continuous Integration Data
Deployment Data
Self-hosted GitHub & Jira
Engineering metrics & insights
DORA metrics
End-to-end software delivery insights
Custom release workflows
Shareable dashboards
Custom Team Dashboards
Continuous Integration (CI) insights
Bugs & issue tracker insights
Issue resolution insights
Monorepos support
Team comparison view
Allocation insights
Full API access
Goal Tracking
Goals templates
Goal tracking
Support & Success
Email & Chat support
Engineering success office hours
Guided onboarding & basic training
Priority support on Slack
Dedicated engineering success manager
Advanced team and leadership training
Quarterly reports and reviews
Availability and Support SLAs
Security & compliance
No source code access
Encryption in transit and at rest
GDPR compliance
SOC2 Type II compliance
Audit log (via API)
Login & Permissions
GitHub Single Sign On (SSO)
GitHub team import
Github team sync
Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
Single Sign On (SSO)
Advanced RBAC
Team sync via API


Basic features for up to 10 users with everything you need.
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Advanced features and reporting, better workflows and automation.
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Personalised service and enterprise security for large teams.
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Basic features
Individual data
Automated workflows
200+ integrations
Reporting and analytics
Export reports
Scheduled reports
API access
Advanced reports
Saved reports
Customer properties
Custom fields
User access
SSO/SAML authentication
Advanced permissions
Audit log
Data history

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to install Athenian?
It takes 5 minutes each for the GitHub and Jira installations, after which your historic data is loaded over the course of a day.
Is it secure to use Athenian?
Security is the top priority for us:

Athenian is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant
We only ask the most essential permissions to provide you insights
Metrics come from metadata
Source code is never stored
Data processed is fully encrypted in transit and at rest
All key providers are SOC 1/2/3, ISO27001, and/or PCI compliant.

Learn more on our security page.
Do you support GitHub Enterprise and/or Jira Server?
Yes, we support both GitHub Enterprise and Jira Server. While our product is cloud based, we can securely connect to your on-premise installations of GitHub and Jira.
Do you support Gitlab and Bitbucket?
Not yet! Gitlab and Bitbucket support is on our roadmap. Register your interest on our feature request board to be the first to know when they are available.
Can I try Athenian before purchasing?
Yes, we offer a free trial or a Proof-of-Concept (POC) for new users. We also offer a demo of our product that you can request by filling out a form on our website:
How can I send custom metrics and events?
You can use our API to send us deployment data. At this point, we don't allow for additional custom metrics.
Are there other billing options?
For more information about billing options, please contact the Athenian team.
Are there any setup fees or hidden costs?
No, there are no setup fees or hidden costs associated with our plans.
What kind of support do you offer?
We offer customer support via Slack, email or chat, as well as a knowledge base and tutorials to help you get started.
How do I get started with Athenian?
Request your demo today:
Do you offer discounts?
Yes, we offer volume-based discounts. Contact us to learn more.
What happens if I exceed the usage limits for my plan?
Our team will be in touch to discuss your best options.

Still have questions about pricing and how Athenian can help you succeed?

We can help with that.