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Align: Autonomous Improvement for Engineering Leaders Has Arrived

Eiso Kant
Eiso Kant
March 28, 2023
5 min read

The impact that an amazing engineering leader can have on the team and a company blows my mind every single time.

As someone with an engineering background, I used to think that a great tech stack, code base, or skilled engineers were the keys to success. However, time and time again, I've seen that it's the people, specifically great leaders, who make organizations successful.

And, from the lessons we've learned while working with our customers over the years, we’ve built something to help engineering leaders achieve their goals.

This is where Align comes in.

The premise behind Align is in its name. We want every part of the organization to autonomously set and track goals based on their context by focusing on the metrics and goals that matter to them. And with a recession looming, now, more than ever, it’s time for engineering leaders to focus on what matters. 

Here’s how Align empowers your teams to improve on what matters most: 

Align is our solution to help engineering leaders achieve autonomous improvement

With features such as custom team dashboards, goal tracking with progress reports, and leading indicators for goals, engineering leaders can build high-performing teams and deliver results

Empower Your Teams to Improve What Matters Most

I often discuss the two roles of engineering leaders:

  1. Build high-performing teams 
  2. Drive business value 

If engineering leaders can succeed in this two-part mission, they can achieve the ultimate goal of continuous and, most importantly, autonomous improvement

Here’s how Align can help engineering leaders get there:

  • Align provides a single home for your team, with dedicated spaces owned by each team.
  • It offers custom team dashboards and goal templates to help you plan your work.
  • You can improve your goals by providing context and troubleshooting problems instantly. 
  • It includes goal tracking with progress reports, continuous notifications, and leading indicators with associated metrics.
  • Finally, Align offers continuous support throughout your journey, including dedicated onboarding, quarterly business reviews, and 1-to-1 coaching from experienced engineering leaders.

This last point is key. If you’ve been following our journey for a while, you know that we don’t believe that metrics are enough: continuous and autonomous improvement requires going beyond the metrics. This means that providing the support engineering leaders need to make the most out of the data we provide is a huge part of our mission. 

Drive Improvement & Demonstrate the Impact of your Engineering Org.

Align is part of our mission to help engineering leaders become wildly successful by continuously uncovering insights, driving improvement, and demonstrating impact.

Introducing: Autonomous improvement for high-performing teams.

As an extension of Athenian’s Analytics tool, Align allows leaders to focus on what they want to improve by setting goals on leading indicators that their teams can impact.

Here, we want 90% of our Engineering team's PRs to be under 50 lines of code. This will speed up our code review process and improve our PR Cycle Time. Source: Athenian.

You can stay on top of your goals by defining concrete measures to improve and monitoring progress, for instance, on a weekly basis. 

Discussing progress with your teams will help you identify blockers and move faster.

Align gives you the power to create custom dashboards that you can quickly pull up during meetings and drive the right discussions. 

As a VP of Engineering or CTO, you have the ability to share a dashboard of your teams and highlight the progress of the org. Demonstrating the impact of your initiatives and shining a light on your team’s work

Align is just a stepping stone on our mission to help engineering leaders autonomously improve. 

Our team is working tirelessly to create the tools that can serve engineering leaders worldwide on their journey toward autonomous improvement and drive them toward achieving their goals. 

Jamie Talbot VP of Engineering at Axios quote about Align

The best engineering orgs are autonomously improving with Athenian, ready to join them? Let’s go! 

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