Scale your engineering org

Get end-to-end visibility into your software delivery pipeline, improve velocity and quality, and align teams with company priorities. 

Get end-to-end visibility

  • Understand how you perform at every stage of your software delivery and surface issues faster
  • Measure key engineering metrics like lead time, PR cycle time, release frequency, CI run time, and more
  • Go beyond surface-level data and compare metrics by timeframe, teams, repos, components, Jira epics, or issue types

Improve velocity & quality

  • Speed up the software delivery process by leveraging actionable insights into team bottlenecks
  • Build a culture of continuous improvement across the organization with goals and SLAs
  • Improve the metrics that matter to you: Release Frequency, PR size, Mean Time To Restore (MTTR), and more

Align teams with company priorities

  • Prioritize your engineering efforts based on your company objectives 
  • Align every team with common visibility around effort provided and company priorities 
  • See engineering effort broken down by current initiatives such as new features, bug fixes, tech debt, and more

End-To-End Visibility For Engineering Leaders

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The Podcast For Engineering Leaders

Conversations with Jason Warner, former GitHub CTO

Jason and Eiso invite engineering leaders to chat about the ins and outs of managing software teams.

A Big Believer In Data-Enabled Engineering

Ex-VP of Engineering at Heroku and software pioneer, Jason Warner, is a day-one supporter of Athenian.

Enabling data-driven decision making for engineering leaders
Athenian Dashboard - Engineering metrics for engineering leaders