Code Quality And Bug Insights

How do you know if you’re shipping high-quality code? What metrics do you use to determine how well you're doing?

Using Athenian you can learn about epics, stories, and issues, and how they correlate with the quality of the software you're putting out there. For example, how fast you solve bugs by priority.

Overview Bugs By Priority, Status, And Type

Bugs are inevitable. Bugs slow down your development, and once found need to be fixed as quickly as possible.

Improve your Mean Time To Restore with Athenian and see how your team is fixing bugs today. Discover areas of interest, set goals, and create opportunities for improvement.

Improve The Building Blocks Of Software

In a fast-moving world, the code you write needs to be crafted in a way that is easy for others to read and understand.

Join the top engineering teams in the world pushing the frontier of software development, all while building a happier culture.

Use Athenian To Track Epics, Stories, And Issues

At the core of every software development process is tracking epics, stories, and issues. How your team implements these workflows can have a significant impact on your lead time.

Athenian excels at helping you understand how you use epics, stories, and issues so you discover areas of improvement.

Metrics & insights for engineering teams
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