You Can Count On Our Outcome Metrics

The data you need to improve your software delivery process is available, but very difficult to transform into meaningful and accurate metrics. Trust us, we know!

Athenian shows you how you spend your time, so you can set priorities that make the most meaningful improvements to where you want to go.

Discover What You're Spending Time On

Not all issues are created equal. Your team may have tickets for feature requests, bug fixes, and documentation updates.

Using Athenian, you can review the work type of each ticket and learn about how they're getting handled.

Understand How New Features Impact Lead Time

New features are what drive success for your business. To maintain a competitive edge, you need to identify opportunities to deliver new features faster.

How often are new features being requested? What is the status of your product backlog? Plan and prioritize feature shipping accordingly.

Better Epics, Better Stories

Epics and stories are the backbone of your product delivery process. If you want to ship products faster, the way you use epics and stories matters.

Athenian increases your visibility into what and how work is getting done across your teams and products.

Metrics & insights for engineering teams
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