Your CI/CD Process Uncovered

Athenian supercharges your visibility into your CI/CD process with insights into builds, runs, and consumption.

Learn About Your Build Failure Rate Over Time

CI and Continuous Delivery walk hand in hand. See the health of your CI pipeline at a glance in Athenian, and understand how it performs over time.

Understand Suite Run Time Per Repository

You want your CI process to be successful and fast, so you need to identify potential bottlenecks early.

Monitor the time it takes for your builds to run, and identify changes in behavior over time. If builds start taking longer, dig in and discover why.

Dig Into CI Consumption Over Time

How much of your CI capacity is being used? What is the trend over time?

Understand better how your CI process is performing, and where bottlenecks arise.

Metrics & insights for engineering teams
Athenian Insights