Maintain alignment & transparency

One home for every team

Instant visibility into the metrics that matter to your team
Explore your key engineering metrics from one fully customizable dashboard
Filter graphs by teams, repositories, monorepo components, issue type, or Jira epics
Detect bottlenecks before they impact your team
Get visibility into both leading and lagging indicators
Build a high-performing team

Goals that matter to your context

Align your team around a set of priorities and track your progress over time
Define your team priorities and set goals based on your context
Easily start from pre-defined goals templates
Automatically connect your goals with the underlying metrics
Quickly drill-down into the underlying PRs, releases, deployments and more

Teams can take ownership of their goals

"Athenian has helped us begin to measure the behavioral change we’ve identified as key to improving our development process.

I particularly like the ability to set nuanced goals at all levels of the organization, which allows teams to take ownership, rather than having targets imposed in a top-down fashion.”

Jamie Talbot
VP of Technology, Axios

Leading engineering leaders are autonomously improving with Athenian.

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