Empower your teams to autonomously improve.


We’re living in a new reality.
Now is the time to do more with less

average efficiency losses for engineering orgs*
Increase in release frequency*
*source: stripe

The two-part mission for engineering leaders:

Drive Business Value
By speeding up time to market
By increasing the quality of the product
By drawing a line between engineering and results
Build high-perfoming teams
Who can improve their goals based on their context
Who can connect engineering initiatives with business goals
Who can identify bottlenecks before they impact the whole team

Introducing: continuous improvement for high-performing teams

Uncover Insights

Understand the status quo
Identify bottlenecks and improvements

Drive Improvement

Set goals and start initiatives
Track progress and review goals/initiatives

Demonstrate Impact

Report on your impact
Align engineering with business priorities

Alternatives aren’t enough…

Inhouse Solutions

Lack of end-to-end visibility
Lack of granularity (leading indicators, teams or repos)
Includes outliers
No support for monorepos / different release workflows
Can't set and track goals
No guidance from experienced engineering leaders
👉 You can’t answer the right questions, so teams are stuck tracking vanity metrics and don’t autonomously improve.

Metrics-focused solutions

Stack-ranking individual developers
Just a catalog of metrics that lack actionability
Complex UI/UX
Poor monorepo and advanced release workflows support
Can't set and track goals
No guidance from experienced engineering leaders
👉 You hurt your developer experience and teams can't autonomously improve.

…but with Athenian

Teams get accurate and actionable engineering metrics.
You’re empowered to uncover insights, drive improvements
and measure your impact autonomously.

Our winning approach to continuous improvement

Richer Insights

Richer Insights

Athenian connects every stage of your software delivery pipeline in a single Insights Graph. From ticket creation to deployment in production.
End-to-end visibility
Matches your workflows out of the box
Easily extensible and queryable through an API
Team Focused


Athenian has a team-level approach and doesn’t provide harmful individual-level metrics.
No stack-ranking of developers
No adoption pushback
No gamification
Success Oriented


Athenian isn’t just a tool. We combine Product + Framework + Engineering Success to ensure your success.
Dedicated Engineering Success Manager
Continuous guidance and training
Shared Slack channels, QBRs and more

How industry-leading orgs are autonomously improving with Athenian

The best engineering leaders are autonomously improving with Athenian.

Are you ready to join them?