Engineering Managers Are Coaches

There’s no better way to motivate a team than to empower them and enable them to make decisions. With Athenian, you can provide feedback, give guidance, and provide meaningful input backed by data.

Drill Down Into Work In Progress

With every feature built you need to know how you're progressing. With Athenian, you can see not only overviews but also dig down into the Pull Requests behind epics and stories.

Understand the code changes that were made, and how much time was spent on each of them. Make adjustments to ensure your team is working at an optimal and sustainable pace.

Reviews Should Be Centered On Teams, Not Individuals

You shouldn’t be giving individual feedback based on your own opinions. You should be providing valuable team feedback based on concrete examples, so everyone becomes better together.

We help you with end-to-end visibility into processes, so you can provide feedback specific to your needs.

Athenian Builds Trust

You want to be able to deliver new features quickly, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality.

Athenian improves transparency across the organization, and creates trust in processes. This enables you to be more autonomous, productive, and ship better code faster.

Our Top Metrics For Managers

Discover Cycle Time Distributions

across each of the software delivery stages, and pinpoint how much time you are spending writing code versus getting it in production.

1:1 Bugs Raised to Fixed

with full transparency into all bugs in production, learning how priority level affects Mean Time To Restore.

See the PRs In Progress per developer

to make sure your team isn’t spread too thin, and they have everything they need to work optimally.

Get To Know The Power Of Athenian Yourself