CTOs and VPs, We Understand You Need More Actionable Data

To achieve your engineering goals, you need to be able to understand and measure how you have and how you continue to build software.

Athenian helps you discover what is going on in your organization, across all levels.

Plant Good Seeds, Grow A Healthy Tree

Learn how your engineering organization collaborates across different teams, and whether you're working towards your strategic goals.

Athenian offers both comprehensive and granular insights, so you can truly understand what's happening.

The Dashboard That Makes You Feel Like You’re In The Trenches

You want everyone to be well-informed, and you want everyone to be on the same page.

That’s why we built Athenian with everyone in your organization in mind, making it easier to share a deep understanding of what's actually happening.

The Key to Great Engineering Management

Your culture is the most important thing to you. We believe in empowering everyone in your organization by focusing on processes, teams, and never individuals.

Data is the companion that helps you stay on top of obstacles and bottlenecks. With Athenian, you're ready to spearhead any strategic objective.

Our Top Metrics For Executives

Decrease Lead Time

across products and teams by understanding where to restructure organizational processes, such as what CI/CD tools are best.

Increase Release Frequency

using data-backed insights to improve organizational culture, by highlighting the effects of Lead Time over topics such as Pull Request Size.

Decrease Mean Time To Restore

by staying focused on fixing bugs, and not worrying about how long it takes to merge and release them into production.

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